One Step Further is a Pre-Qualified Supplier of User Choice funded Traineeships across Queensland and the Smart and Skilled Entitlement Traineeships and Apprenticeships program in NSW.

This meaning employers have the opportunity to employee a trainee within their business and offset the cost of the Traineeship through Government funding subsidies.

Traineeships can be the perfect way to employ new staff in our business, they have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of your business whilst completing a Nationally recognised qualification.

In order to ensure the training fits the business needs, a One Step Further trainer will conduct initial training needs analysis of each employee involved in the training, allowing our trainer to identify the specific needs of each trainee and then customise the training to generate the best results for your business.

Employer Advantages

  • Access to nationally accredited courses
  • Access Government funding to offset training costs
  • Access to industry qualified and experienced trainers
  • Access to Incentive payments paid by the Government

Employee Advantages

  • Increased levels of job satisfaction
  • Increased motivation and team morale
  • Increased performance and productivity

NSW Smart and Skilled Program

This page contains important information for students wishing to participate in the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled Program. The Program provides subsidised training for Approved Qualifications for eligible students.

One Step Further RTO #31215 has been approved to offer the following qualifications under the Smart and Skilled Traineeship and Apprenticeship Program

  • BSB20115 – Certificate II in Business
  • BSB30115 – Certificate III in Business
  • BSB40615 – Certificate IV in Business Sales
  • BSB50215 – Diploma of Business
  • SIT30516 – Certificate III in Events
  • SIT30616 – Certificate III in Hospitality
  • SIT30116 – Certificate III in Tourism
  • SIT40116 – Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism
  • RII31615 – Certificate III in Trenchless Technology

You may be eligible for Smart and Skilled Funding if you meet the following criteria:

  • 15 years old or over
  • no longer at school
  • living or working in NSW
  • An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen

Eligibility under VET Courses, Apprenticeships Traineeships:

Your eligibility is not affected if you have completed a vocational education and training (VET) course, including a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship, as part of your high level education.

There are also more exceptions to the eligibility conditions described above, such as for Aboriginal people who live in specific, defined areas outside the NSW border.

NSW apprentices and some new-entrant trainees may be eligible for a government subsidy for the training that supports their apprenticeship or traineeship. If you have already completed a Certificate IV or higher-level qualification, this does not affect your eligibility.

Defined NSW Border Regions

You may also be eligible for Smart and Skilled funding if you live in the following identified border regions:


Elanora 4221
Currumbin 4223
Coolangatta 4225
Tallebudgera 4228
Texas 4385
Goondiwindi 4390
Hebel 4486
Bollon 4488
Bungunya 4494
Talwood 4496
Thallon 4497
Kimoa 4498


Nangiloc 3494
Red Cliffs 3496
Irymple 3498
Mildura 3500
Hattah 3501
Cabarita 3505
Echuca 3564
Koondrook 3580
Shepparton 3630
Yalca 3637
Kotupna 3638
Barmah 3639
Katunga 3640
Ulupna 3641
Cobram 3683
Rutherglen 3685
Barnawartha 3688
Wodonga 3690
Bonegilla 3691
Bandiana 3694

Program Eligibility

To access subsidised training under Smart and Skilled a student must meet the eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria are available here:

Enrolment in a Smart and Skilled Course

All students enrolling in a Smart and Skilled course must complete an enrolment form.  One Step Further will then initiate the students enrolment via an online training system and the student will be notified via email, all of the details of the intended course an the fees associated.

Obtaining a student’s consent

One Step Further is required to obtain either verbally or in writing consent from a student to use and disclose a student’s personal information to the Department of Education and Communities and other government Agencies

Obtaining a student declaration that the student has provided accurate and complete information, is aware of any subcontracting arrangements (if applicable) and has been provided with the Fee information relevant to their enrollment and all appropriate student information.

Unique Student Identifier

All students enrolling in Smart and Skilled course will be required to supply a Unique Student Identifier and will be requested to do so on their enrolment form.

Fee Information

Providers of Smart and Skilled courses, such the One Step Further are paid partly by the NSW government and partly by the student or their employer. The ‘Fee’ component referred to below means that part of the payment to One Step Further that is made by the student or their employer.

On completion of an enrolment form and provision of any evidence required  One Step Further will use the Smart and Skilled Provider Calculator to determine the Fee to be paid by the student. This will be advised to the student as part of the enrolment process.

Refunding Students

Students can have part of their fee refunded in the following circumstances:
Where the student is gaining credit for previously completed accredited training. In such circumstances the student will be refunded a pro rata amount based on the percentage of the course that the credit covers. Where One Step Further is no longer able to deliver Smart and Skilled training

Where the student through circumstances beyond his/her controls is unable to continue in the course – such as a medical condition, family/personal circumstances. Please refer to our student info page for further information.

Fee Concessions

Depending on circumstances students may be eligible for fee concessions of fee-free training. Students will need to supply evidence of their circumstances according to the Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy

The student Fee is payable by the student to One Step Further according to the One Step Further Terms and conditions:

Student Information

Further information for students including the Student Handbook and policies and procedures are available on the One Step Further website under the “Important information and downloads” page.

Further information

For further information on the NSW Smart and Skilled Program please go to


The User Choice 2017-20 program provides a public funding contribution towards the cost of training and assessment services for eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees.

The program aims to provide funding aligned to the skills needs of industry and respond to changing government priorities.

The three-year policy from 1 July 2017 recognises that employment-based training aligned to skills shortages is a critical priority for the Queensland Government.

How does the program work?

The program provides the flexibility for apprentices, trainees and their employers to select a preferred registered training organisation (RTO) from a list of pre-qualified suppliers for the delivery of nationally recognised, accredited training to meet their specific needs.

The program works in conjunction with the Commonwealth Australian Apprenticeships System, under which apprentices and trainees (also known in some jurisdictions as “Australian Apprentices”) enter into legally binding training contracts with their employers and receive structured training to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

QTIS provides comprehensive information on all apprenticeships and traineeships that are approved in Queensland, including the priority level and government contribution.

Fee-free training for Year 12 graduates

Year 12 fee-free training is available through two Queensland Government VET investment programs – the Certificate 3 Guarantee and User Choice. Read more about fee-free training in high priority areas for Year 12 graduates.

Am I eligible for a funded place in the User Choice Program?

To be eligible for a government contribution towards the costs of training, an apprentice or trainee must have entered into a training contract for a qualification that is funded by the department and be registered in the department’s registration system DELTA. The contract commencement date or recommencement date must be on or after 1 July 2010, and the training provider selected to deliver the training must hold a pre-qualified supplier (PQS) status for the nominated qualification.

The government contribution for a User Choice funding contribution is detailed in the apprentice or trainee’s letter of registration from the department, and is subject to student eligibility and their selection of an eligible PQS as their SRTO.

Are there any rules I should be aware of in relation to funding?

Apprentices and trainees can only receive one government contribution for a User Choice funded qualification at any single point in time, i.e. a student is not funded to undertake two apprenticeships or traineeships at the same time.

In addition, apprentices and trainees, including SATs, can only receive a maximum of two government funding contributions under the current User Choice program.

There are other rules specifically related to funding for SATs, so students and their parents/guardians should discuss their intentions with their school’s vocational education and training coordinator prior to signing up as a SAT. Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers are another good source of information.

Will I be expected to pay fees and charges to my RTO?

Trainees under the QLD User Choice Program are required to pay a contribution fee towards the cost of their training. The contribution fee can be paid by either student or the employer and equates to $1.60 per nominal hour of training associated with their chosen course.

SATs are not required to pay a co-contribution fee while they are still at school, but may (visit the Fee-free training for Year 12 graduates section of this website) be required to pay fees once their training contract has been converted to full-time or part-time post school.

The SRTO will provide in detail its fees and charges policy, including full costs method of collection, refunds and exemptions prior to enrolment.


One Step Further currently offer the following Qualifications under a User Choice Traineeship:

  • BSB30115 – Certificate III in Business
  • RII31615 – Certificate III in Trenchless Technology
  • SIT30616 – Certificate III in Hospitality
  • SIT30116 – Certificate III in Tourism

For further information on the User Choice program please go to

Have all the required information and wish to get your Traineeship underway?