Untitled Document Yet another fabulous night of celebrations and high achievements, all made possible by YOU Jo Smith! (and Matt too)
Graduation Day is a day to mark a tremendous accomplishment.
You could not have come to this day without a lot of hard work. There may have been days when you felt that you could not continue, and yet you did. The moment when you are called up to the stage to receive your diploma, resplendent in your cap and gown, is a moment to savour. You cannot lose what has now been given to you. Whether it is a high school, college, graduate, or doctoral diploma, that achievement will be yours forever. Now go on and take on the world!
To all the graduates ...........Congratulations and well done - I am proud of each and every one of you!
And Katie - yes Katie Bear - a special award that so deserving for all your hard work. Well done Student of the Year!
And a HUGE thank you to Jo and Matt for making our night so special and a night to remember!!


VRTP have chosen One Step Further to develop their team due to the inspirational and positive attitude of the director Jo Smith. No request has ever been too big or unachievable. 
This leadership attitude is reflected throughout all the trainers and is transferred to the participants leaving them empowered and inspired.



"Appco Group are committed to providing development and career opportunities, and empowering people to achieve their personal and business goals. We felt it was important to embrace the opportunity to complete work-based qualifications that complimented our existing learning and development policies and to make these programs available to our staff and affiliated marketing company network.  In order to make this a reality we needed a provider that would take the time to really get to understand our business objectives, culture and learning gaps so that all accredited training opportunities could be aligned to real and measurable outcomes. 

One Step Further have proven to be a wonderful fit for us, they have delivered on all of their promises and we have consequently chosen One Step Further as our exclusive provider over a number of other training organisations.  As well as consistently facilitating relevant and engaging face to face workshops, the fact that learners are able to submit evidence in a variety of formats means that learning workshops are also more productive. 

All qualifications have been tailored to the individuals and aligned with business objectives.  To date there has nothing but positive feedback from participants.  Appco Group believe that the ongoing up-skilling of people via work-based qualifications, delivered by One Step Further, will contribute to the continual expansion of our business network both nationally and internationally".

Dan Kennedy, Head of Sales Development


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to my personal needs and helping me succeed in gaining my qualification - Thank you


Not only is Jo passionate and dedicated professional she has consistently demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction and to deliver customised training to the industry.

Robyn Keenan
QTIC Skills Link Manager


Within the Tourism and Hospitality industry we are blessed to have an organisation like One Step Further, this company is not just a training organisation they are much more than that, One Step Further enhances people’s lives, enabling them to learn with integrity and develop the skills that our Industry requires and more.
Penny Delfs
Custom Built Profits


When creative minds interact with the underlying energy which permeates and sustains the universe, amazing things happen. One Step Further is hub for amazing things happening on a daily basis. It is a pleasure and inspiration to work with an organisation where outcomes rule, solutions are inevitable and learning is a life changing experience.

Joe Sproats, Dreamtime Learning and the Noorla Heritage Resort  Ingham, Queensland


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